Mainly supply CNC system and CNC parts of Siemens, FANUC and Mitsubishi to the customers worldwide

Mainly supply CNC system and CNC parts of Siemens, FANUC and Mitsubishi to the customers worldwide

FANUC ROBONANO α-NMiA Ultra Precision Machine


Challenges the limits of machining by FANUC CNC and control technology

  • All axis have the high accuracy direct-drive system by controlling the latest FANUC liner motor and synchronous built-in motor with the latest FANUC CNC “FANUC series 30i MODEL B”.
  • It is realized the high performance and reliability by the simple structure of machine control.
  • Command resolution is 0.1 nm in linear axis and 0.000001 degrees in indexing axis.
  • Peripheral devices can be displayed and operated in ROBONANO operation screen.

Oil hydrostatic bearing

  • Solid friction which causes backlash and stick-slip is completely eliminated by adopting the oil hydrostatic bearing for linear axis and indexing axis.
  • It is realized high rigidity and damping by adopting oil hydrostatic bearing.


You can select an optimum machining method according to your specific purpose.


  • It can be used for the various type of precise machining with air-turbine spindle.
  • It can be used for the complex shape such as small diameter hole, microgroove, microlens array, watch parts and free-form surface.



  • By using the non-rotation tools, It can be used for the complicated shapes such as micro pattern that changing the direction, angle, depth and pitch continuously.
  • Variety of design such as diffractive lens, hologram optical element, micro flow channel and biochip can be improved by changing the angle of grooves.
  • It can be used mold for automotive parts such as HUD (Head-Up Display) by enlarged the stroke.


Display and operation of peripheral devices in ROBONANO operation screen (SMP: Smart Measurement Package)

  • It can be operated and displayed the peripheral devices by integrated the each screens in the setup.
  • It is realized the enhancing the ease of use without using the each monitors and wiring.

SMP: Smart Measurement Package

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