Mainly supply CNC system and CNC parts of Siemens, FANUC and Mitsubishi to the customers worldwide

Mainly supply CNC system and CNC parts of Siemens, FANUC and Mitsubishi to the customers worldwide

Mitsubishi Servo/Spindle Drive MDS-D2/DH2 Series


High-performance Servo/Spindle Drive MDS-D2/DH2 Series

With the fastest current control cycle, basic performance is drastically enhanced (High-gain control). A combination of high-speed servo motor and high-accuracy detector helps enhance overall drive performance.

  • A high-efficiency fin and low-loss power module have enabled unit downsizing, which also leads to a reduction in control panel size. A line of drive units driving a maximum of two spindles is available, contributing to a reduction in control panel size.

Product Details: Servo/Spindle Drive MDS-D2/DH2 Series Details

Main Model No. for Servo/Spindle Drive MDS-D2/DH2 Series

MDS-D2-V1-Series MDS-D2-V2-Series MDS-D2-V3-Series Powe Supply Unit
MDS-D2-V1-20 MDS-D2-V2-2020 MDS-D2-V3-202020 MDS-DH2-CV-37
MDS-D2-V1-40 MDS-D2-V2-4020 MDS-D2-V3-404040 MDS-DH2-CV-75
MDS-D2-V1-80 MDS-D2-V2-4040 MDS-DH2-CV-110
MDS-D2-V1-160 MDS-D2-V2-8040 MDS-D2-SP-Series MDS-DH2-CV-185
MDS-D2-V1-160W MDS-D2-V2-8080 MDS-D2-SP-20 MDS-DH2-CV-300
MDS-D2-V1-320 MDS-D2-V2-16080 MDS-D2-SP-40 MDS-DH2-CV-370
MDS-D2-V1-320W MDS-D2-V2-160160 MDS-D2-SP-80 MDS-DH2-CV-450
MDS-DH2-V1-Series MDS-DH2-V2-Series MDS-D2-SP-160 MDS-DH2-CV-550
MDS-DH2-V1-10 MDS-DH2-V2-1010 MDS-D2-SP-200 MDS-DH2-CV-750
MDS-DH2-V1-20 MDS-DH2-V2-2010 MDS-D2-SP-240 AC Reactor
MDS-DH2-V1-40 MDS-DH2-V2-2020 MDS-D2-SP-320 D-AL-7.5K
MDS-DH2-V1-80 MDS-DH2-V2-4020 MDS-D2-SP-400 D-AL-11K
MDS-DH2-V1-80W MDS-DH2-V2-4040 MDS-D2-SP-640 D-AL-18.5K
MDS-DH2-V1-160 MDS-DH2-V2-8040 D-AL-30K
MDS-DH2-V1-160W MDS-DH2-V2-8080 D-AL-37K
MDS-DH2-V1-200 D-AL-45K
MDS-D2-SP2-Series MDS-DH2-SP-Series Powe Supply Unit D-AL-55K
MDS-D2-SP2-2020 MDS-DH2-SP-10 MDS-D2-CV-37 AC Reactor
MDS-D2-SP2-4020 MDS-DH2-SP-20 MDS-D2-CV-75 DH-AL-7.5K
MDS-D2-SP2-4040 MDS-DH2-SP-40 MDS-D2-CV-110 DH-AL-11K
MDS-D2-SP2-8040 MDS-DH2-SP-80 MDS-D2-CV-185 DH-AL-18.5K
MDS-D2-SP2-8080 MDS-DH2-SP-100 MDS-D2-CV-300 DH-AL-30K
MDS-D2-SP2-16080 MDS-DH2-SP-160 MDS-D2-CV-370 DH-AL-37K
MDS-DH2-SP-200 MDS-D2-CV-450 DH-AL-45K
MDS-DH2-SP-320 MDS-D2-CV-550 DH-AL-55K

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