Mainly supply CNC system and CNC parts of Siemens, FANUC and Mitsubishi to the customers worldwide

Mainly supply CNC system and CNC parts of Siemens, FANUC and Mitsubishi to the customers worldwide



The compact CNC for standardized machines

SINUMERIK 828 control systems are optimally suited for standard machines that are produced in high unit quantities with a low degree of modularity. The powerhouse SINUMERIK 828D in the compact class is the ideal solution for cost-sensitive markets, where high CNC performance and easy commissioning are demanded.

Panel-based compact CNC
  • Up to 10 axes/spindles and 2 auxiliary axes
  • Up to 2 machining channels T, M, G
  • 15.6" touch display
  • SIMATIC S7-200-based PLC

    Introduction SINUMERIK 828D with SINAMICS S120

    SINUMERIK 828D – the powerhouse among the compact CNCs

    With their unique CNC performance, SINUMERIK 828D CNCs set productivity benchmarks when it comes to milling and turning on standard machines as well as functions for easy automation of grinding machines.

    Rugged and maintenance-free

    Their die-cast magnesium operator panel fronts, the panel-based CNC design with minimal interfaces, as well as a high degree of protection, make SINUMERIK 828D CNCs reliable partners even in harsh environments. Designed without a fan or hard disk, with NVRAM memory technology and no back-up battery, SINUMERIK 828D CNCs are completely maintenance-free.


    The SINUMERIK 828D CNCs are very easy to operate thanks to a full QWERTY CNC keyboard with short-stroke keys and a high-resolution 10.4" TFT color display or 15.6" touch display. CNC data are quickly and easily transferred via USB, CF card (for 10.4") and RJ45 interfaces on the operator panel front.

    Optimum scalability

    Based on the three CNC performance versions SW24x, SW26x and SW28x of the SINUMERIK 828D CNCs, favorably-priced compact as well as more complex machines with additional axes/spindles and 2 machining channels can be implemented.

    SINAMICS S120 drive system

    The rugged drive class for compact machine concepts

    The SINAMICS S120 Combi drive system offers the usual SINAMICS functionality in a multi-axis drive module tailored for compact turning and milling machines. With a host of technical highlights, the SINAMICS S120 Combi sets new standards in this drive class.

    SINAMICS S120 Combi integrates a line infeed with regenerative feedback capability as well as 3 or 4 Motor Modules for spindle and feed motors in one Power Module. The power spectrum extends up to 16 kW spindle power (S1) and up to 12 A current (S1) for feed motors.

    SINAMICS S120 Combi thus covers the typical range of power ratings of compact standard turning and milling machines and is the perfect drive partner for the SINUMERIK 828D CNCs.

    The solution for machines with more axes and higher power ratings

    The SINAMICS S120 Combi Power Module can be extended by the SINAMICS S120 Motor Modules in booksize compact format if the machine has more axes.

    For machine concepts beyond the performance limit of the SINAMICS S120 Combi, the SINAMICS S120 modular drive system is available as an alternative for the SINUMERIK 828D CNCs.

    The SIZER for Siemens Drives engineering tool will provide you with support for configuring the equipment, or seek advice from your Siemens sales representative.

    SIMOTICS motors

    SIMOTICS S-1FK7 feed motors – maximum precision in the machine

    The performance and accuracy of the CNC control and drive are useful only if they can be transferred to the machine axes. Thanks to their unique dynamic response and accuracy, SIMOTICS S-1FK7 feed motors are exactly suited for this purpose.

    SIMOTICS M-1PH8 spindle motors – peak performance for the spindle

    With the SIMOTICS M-1PH8 spindle motors we offer the perfect solution for this purpose. Very fast acceleration times and a wide speed range with high output guarantee maximum productivity of the machine – with speeds of up to 24000 rpm.

    SIMOTICS T-1FW6 torque motors

    The torque motors satisfy the most exacting demands in precision, performance and dynamic response. Permanent-magnet synchronous motors with a high number of poles are fully integrated in the machine, and mechanical transmission elements such as gear units are omitted, so you benefit from greater flexibility with regard to installation, easier servicing, higher availability and minimal space requirements.

    We can also provide customized solutions

    In addition to the range of motors described, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for feed and spindle applications. Your Siemens sales representative will be happy to advise you on how to configure your individual equipment.

    Ordering No. for SINUMERIK 828D series

    6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM55-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM60-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM72-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC20-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM72-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM34-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM73-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM73-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM54-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM75-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM75-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM55-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM78-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AD40-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM78-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP01-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM72-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP05-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP05-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM73-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP13-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP13-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM75-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP16-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP16-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM78-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP17-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP17-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP18-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP18-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP05-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP22-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC20-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP22-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP13-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP25-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP25-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP16-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP28-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AC50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP17-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP30-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AD40-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP18-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP54-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP54-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP22-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP55-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP55-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP25-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP56-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP56-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP58-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP58-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP64-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP64-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP54-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP67-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP67-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP55-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP75-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP75-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP56-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP76-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP76-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP58-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP77-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM34-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP64-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS05-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM54-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP67-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS06-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM55-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC20-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP75-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS07-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP76-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS08-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM72-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP77-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS16-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM73-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD40-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS05-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS17-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM75-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS20-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AM78-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS07-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS21-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AP01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS35-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AP05-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS16-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS50-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AP13-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS17-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS51-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AP16-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS20-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS52-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AP17-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS21-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS53-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AP18-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS35-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS54-0YB0
    6FC5800-0AP22-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM34-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5370-5AA40-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AP25-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM54-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5370-6AA40-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM55-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC20-0YB0 6FC5830-0CY40-0YA8
    6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC30-0YB0 6FC5860-0YC40-0YA8
    6FC5800-0AC20-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM72-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC50-0YB0 6SL3040-1NB00-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AC30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM73-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD40-0YB0 6SL3040-1NC00-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AC50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5370-8AA40-0BA0
    6FC5800-0AD40-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5830-0CY40-0YA8
    6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC20-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5860-0YC40-0YA8
    6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6SL3040-1NB00-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6SL3040-1NC00-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD40-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0 6FC5303-0AF34-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6FC5303-0AF32-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5311-0AA00-0AA0
    6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM34-0YB0 6FC5311-0AA00-1AA0
    6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM54-0YB0 6EP5306-5BG00
    6FC5800-0AM34-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM55-0YB0 6EP5406-5AA00
    6FC5800-0AM54-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0


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