Mainly supply CNC system and CNC parts of Siemens, FANUC and Mitsubishi to the customers worldwide

Mainly supply CNC system and CNC parts of Siemens, FANUC and Mitsubishi to the customers worldwide


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Premium class CNCs - Delivering ultimate performance

SINUMERIK 840D sl is considered to be the standard in the premium class CNCs, which is certainly justified. Maximum CNC performance, along with a high degree of flexibility and openness – which has been unachievable up until now – represent the basis for almost every machine concept. A high-performance hardware architecture and intelligent control algorithms as well as premium class drive and motor technology class ensure the highest dynamic performance and machining precision. CNC SINUMERIK 840D sl is complemented by a comprehensive range of solutions for integration into IT environments.

Maximum performance - SINUMERIK Operate Display Manager - efficient user interface design

Individual operating concepts for more versatility and convenient machine handling

The SINUMERIK Operate Display Manager helps you to get the most out of your large screens. Dividing the screen space into multiple areas allows you to take in a lot of information at a single glance. Intuitive gesture and multi-touch operation and the clearly structured display of various applications, widgets, or a virtual keyboard facilitate fast, user-friendly operation. The appearance of the Display Manager screen surface can be adjusted at any time to suit the individual preferences of the operator.

SINUMERIK 840 - the open CNC for modular machine concepts

SINUMERIK 840D sl offers an almost inexhaustible performance potential: Thanks to its drive-based, high-performance NCUs (Numerical Control Units) with state-of-the-art multicore processor technology, up to 93 axes in 30 machine channels can be controlled in the NCU link. In addition to the scalable NCU performance, SINUMERIK 840D sl also has a high degree of modularity when it comes to the operating components. A flexible M:N operating concept – for example, any operator panel can be combined with the NCU – makes the SINUMERIK 840D sl the ideal solution when operating high-end machine tools.

Communication at every level

SINUMERIK 840D sl is perfectly embedded in the Siemens TIA environment using PROFINET. Totally Integrated Automation stands for a unique level of seamless integration – from the field, through production, up to the company supervisory level.

Benchmark in open architecture

The openness of the SINUMERIK 840D sl is second to none. The CNC can be optimally adapted to the machine's technology. For instance, the operating system can be supplemented and adapted, or even robots and handling systems can be integrated.

Utilize the bandwidth of machining technologies

Milling and turning at the limit is one of the strengths of SINUMERIK 840D sl. Further, SINUMERIK 840D sl allows an almost inexhaustible range of technologies to be addressed: from grinding and laser machining, through gearwheel- up to multitasking machining. With its outstanding system flexibility, SINUMERIK 840D sl is also the first choice when it comes to addressing completely new fields of technology.

Know-how in all industry sectors

Each industry sector is placing specific requirements. Thanks to its long-term industry know-how, Siemens offers the suitable solution for cost-effective component production in the sectors Automotive, Aerospace, Power Generation and Electronics respectively tool and mold making and jobshop production.

Whether standardized automation concepts for the Automotive sector or special technologies, e.g. for the Aerospace industry – Siemens offers solutions which are used worldwide. This offer is rounded off by industry-specific services including trainings, hotline support as well as on-site service and customized spare parts and repair concepts.Automotive industry Increased productivity, availability and plant utilization in motor, gearbox and axis production.

Automotive industry: Increased productivity, availability and plant utilization in motor, gearbox and axis production

Electronics: Superior surface quality, shorter cutting times and very short chip-to-chip times in the electronic components market

Aerospace industry: Faster and more precise manufacture in aircraft and engine productionElectronics Superior surface quality, shorter cutting times and very short chip-to-chip times in the electronic components market.

Power Generation: Optimized quality, high profitability and speed in the manufacture of all components for the power industry.

Tool and mold making: Perfect surfaces at high machining speeds – during each milling task

Ordering No. for SINUMERIK 840D series

6FC5800-0AA00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC70-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM34-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM61-0YB0
6FC5800-0AB00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM36-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM62-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM37-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM63-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM38-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM64-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AK00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM40-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM65-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC70-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM41-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM71-0YB0
6FC5800-0AD00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM02-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM42-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM72-0YB0
6FC5800-0AD10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM03-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM43-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM73-0YB0
6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM05-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM44-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM74-0YB0
6FC5800-0AK00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM48-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM75-0YB0
6FC5800-0AA00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM07-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM52-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM76-0YB0
6FC5800-0AB00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM53-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM81-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM54-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM88-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM55-0YB0 6FC5800-0AN00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM13-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AN05-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC70-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM15-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM61-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AD00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM18-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM62-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD10-0YB0
6FC5800-0AD10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM21-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM63-0YB0 6FC5800-0AN00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM24-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM64-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP12-0YB0
6FC5800-0AK00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM65-0YB0 6FC5851-1XC45-2YA8
6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AA00-0YB0 6FC5851-1XF00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM02-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AB00-0YB0 6FC5851-1XG00-0YA0
6FC5800-0AM03-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM31-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5851-1XG45-2YA0
6FC5800-0AM05-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5851-1XG45-2YA8
6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM33-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC60-0YB0 6FC5851-1YC45-2YA8
6FC5800-0AM07-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM34-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC70-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM36-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD10-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM37-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AN00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM38-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AP12-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM13-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM40-0YB0 6FC5800-0AK00-0YB0 6FC5851-1XC45-2YA8
6FC5800-0AA00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM41-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5851-1XF00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AB00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM42-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM02-0YB0 6FC5851-1XG00-0YA0
6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM43-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM03-0YB0 6FC5851-1XG45-2YA0
6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM44-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM05-0YB0 6FC5851-1XG45-2YA8
6FC5800-0AC60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM48-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5851-1YC45-2YA8
6FC5800-0AC70-0YB0 6FC5800-0AA00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM07-0YB0 6FC5851-1YF00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AD00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AB00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5851-1YG00-0YA0
6FC5800-0AD10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM10-0YB0 6FC5851-1YG45-2YA0
6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5851-1YG45-2YA8
6FC5800-0AK00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM13-0YB0 6SL3040-1NB00-0AA0
6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC70-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM15-0YB0 6SL3040-1NC00-0AA0
6FC5800-0AM02-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM18-0YB0 6FC5371-0AA30-0AB0
6FC5800-0AM03-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM21-0YB0 6FC5372-0AA30-0AB0
6FC5800-0AM05-0YB0 6FC5800-0AD50-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM24-0YB0 6FC5373-0AA30-0AB0
6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AK00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0 6SL3040-1NB00-0AA0
6FC5800-0AM07-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM01-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6SL3040-1NC00-0AA0
6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM02-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM30-0YB0 6FC5312-0FA01-1AA0
6FC5800-0AM10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM03-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM31-0YB0 6FC5312-0FA00-2AA0
6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM05-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC60-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM13-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM06-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM33-0YB0 6FC5800-0AC70-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM15-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM07-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM34-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM63-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM18-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM08-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM36-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM64-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM21-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM37-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS67-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM24-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM12-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM38-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS68-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM13-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM40-0YB0 6FC5800-0AK00-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM15-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM41-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS60-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM18-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM42-0YB0 6FC5800-0AS61-0YB0
6FC5800-0AM31-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM21-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM43-0YB0 6FC5211-0BA01-0AA4
6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM24-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM44-0YB0 6FC5311-0AA00-0AA0
6FC5800-0AM33-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM27-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM48-0YB0 6FC5311-0AA00-1AA0
6FC5800-0AA00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM28-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM52-0YB0 6EP5306-5BG00
6FC5800-0AB00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM30-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM53-0YB0 6EP5406-5AA00
6FC5800-0AC00-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM31-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM54-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC10-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM32-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM55-0YB0
6FC5800-0AC60-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM33-0YB0 6FC5800-0AM60-0YB0


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